Chirk Pontcysyllte

Near to where we were staying lies one of the great Aqueducts that was built by the great Thomas Telford. The chirk Aqueduct was built between 1796 when the foundation was laid and finished in the year 1801. At 710ft in length and 70ft high and the water trough is made from Cast Iron. You can freely walk along the Canal and you can go through the Chirk Tunnel if you wish. Behind it in the picture above you can see the railway Viaduct that was built much later and took loads of transport from the canal. There is a pub down the valley called the Bridge Inn, if you have a pint from here and sit in the garden you will get a great view up towards the Aqueduct . 

Chirk Pontcysyllte

it lies on the Llangollen Canal, immediately northwards of the Chirk Aqueduct. It is 421 metres (460 yd) long and has a complete towpath inside. The tunnel is designed for a single standard narrowboat, so passing is not possible. The tunnel is straight enough to be able to see if a boat is already inside the tunnel, and boats are required to show a light. Northbound boats must maintain power and momentum in order to push through, due to the shallow, narrow nature of the canal in the tunnel (such that water has little space to pass around the displacement of the boat), and the relatively fast 2 miles per hour (3.2 km/h) southbound current of the canal. The tunnel, the tunnel portals and the canal basin are collectively a Grade II* listed structure


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