On the way to Monmouth we paid a visit in the Forest of Dean to a local well known beauty spot Symonds Yat. We found  parking however you have to pay so take some cash or pay by the Ringo App on your Smart Phone.  There are a few well placed Viewpoints on Symonds Yat Rock where you can get some nice photos, also plenty of Walking routes nearby if you fancy walking. 

Symonds Yat.

From Wikipedia

Symonds Yat is a village in the Wye Valley and a popular tourist destination, straddling the River Wye in the English county of Herefordshire, close to the Gloucestershire border. It is within a few miles of Monmouthshire and the Welsh border.

The two settlements either side of the river are known as Symonds Yat (West) and Symonds Yat (East) and are linked by a footbridge and passenger ferries. Nearby is Symonds Yat Rock. The Seven Sisters Rocks are an outcrop of rocks forming cliffs above the Wye at Symonds Yat.

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